Lost Plot (2011)

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Play Tracks from Lost Plot

  1. Now I Go
  2. Who's On
  3. Daylight
  4. Tubby's Groove
  5. Super Beatnik Breaks
  6. DSTRYR (All We Do Is Party)
  7. They Don't Know
  8. Call Me Beat Broker
  9. Guilty Leisure
  10. Republican Guard
  11. 9 Ate 765 For 3 To 1 Zero
  12. Care to Play
  13. Rite of Baphomet
  14. Black Horse of the Hills
  15. Dark Proverb
  16. Highland Park
  17. The Memory

Praise for Lost Plot

“Lost Plot is a menagerie of changing cadences and imaginative rhythms. Atarilogic has moved beyond his trueschool roots into another realm of cool without losing the storyline.” – Lon Jeffries, Studio Magazine

“A solid Sophomore entry from the Beat Broker. LP is testament to over a decade of production and arrangement in many genres. Atarilogic has finally found his own plot, a place somewhere between rugged hip hop and theatrical composition.” – Rachel Allens, MetroMag

“In a musical culture steadily migrating to digital realms, it is bliss to hear a producer who grasps the power of analogue. Replete with all of the needle to the groove magic of an LP record, Atarilogic’s compositions transmogrify imperfections into arabesques of sheer, subtle genius.” – Matthew Letson, Music Trade

“As introspective as it is unhinged, Lost Plot is truly an album that covers a full spectrum of conflicting angles and emotions, effectively converging on an uncanny locus both visceral and surreal.” – Rob Patrick, The Profile

“Lost Plot characterizes a ‘new oldschool’ movement embraced by a handful of international producers. Representing the ‘Midwasteland’ sound, Atarilogic has created a perfect vacuum of distilled themes that come together perfectly on his sophomore release; as at home in the lounge as it is at a basement dance party.” – Paul Katz, MusicMaker Mag


Moody Uzis (2009)

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Play Tracks from Moody Uzis

  1. Induction
  2. Some Sort of Solace
  3. Beat The Rap
  4. Back 2 The Back
  5. Dogs of Dyslexia
  6. How It Sounds
  7. Theme From Moody Uzis
  8. Spanish Steps
  9. Henn is in the Coupe
  10. Bruthas Don't Front
  11. Mutual Exclusion feat. Sanford Bravo
  12. The Drugs Won't Work
  13. Rebelutionary Gunz
  14. All Right All Night
  15. Young Pros
  16. Time Space Places feat. David Meyers
  17. Stickup Kings

Praise for Moody Uzis

“Atarilogic is a frenetic William Burroughs with all of the bravado of Afrika Bambaataa’s futuristic retrology. A throwback with all of the inklings of the original article.” – Ann Weaton, Home School

“An evening with Atarilogic is an experience in the absurd – where styles clash, floors are trashed and all must dance. From futuistic tabla to distorted industrial sounds and even polka music, Atarilogic knows how to make the crowd jump…even if it is more than likely for his own amusement.” – Michael Graham, Introduction

“Even without partner, Alaska; Atarilogic remains a sonic force to be reckoned with. Whereas, his first team-up was tea, this is straight gasoline.” – Jeff Locke, Around

“Complex arrangements and “cut-and-paste” technique make Moody Uzis as incredibly unlikely today as it might have been in the French Bohemian movement. Truly one of a kind!” – Brian Archer, Found Sound

“Extensive listening and an ear for incidentalia pepper what at first appear to be hip hop beats which are quickly transmogrified by the artist into Latin folk ballads, horror soundtracks and dubplate fare.” – Cameron Anderson, Glowsound

“If Moody Uzis is a metaphor for this album being as explosive as a cache of small, handheld firearms, then the metaphor is not only apt, but remains haunting since much of the album is fluent in the disarming language of harmony and elegance.” – John Austin, The Note

“Instrumental hip hop doesn’t have to consist solely of readymade beats just waiting for an MC to complete the equation. When skillfully executed, it’s an art form unto itself, a heady challenge for a composer who seeks to keep listeners engaged without shoving lyrics down their throats. Having worked with some top-shelf MCs thus far in his career, this Indiana producer is ready to break out, dropping a solo collection of beats that is crackling with both force and finesse. “Some Sort of Solace” lives up to its name, laying back and letting things comfortably ride. “Back 2 the Back” is choppy chaos, and its melding of old school cuts and post-modern blippage is impossible to ignore. “Dogs of Dyslexia” is even more over the top, pushing the levels to the precipice of distortion and knocking hard on the noggin. There are patches of vocals on a few tracks here, but for the most part, the proceedings are consumed with intricate dissection of the beats, always tossing out little loops and replacing them just as quick. There’s no static here, only tight compositions that always push it forward.” Brian ‘The Reviewer,’ CDBaby


This is Tea | with Alaska Westwind (2008)

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Play Tracks from This is Tea

  1. This is Tea (intro)
  2. What Can I Do?
  3. Go Time!
  4. Look Who Showed Up
  5. Mister
  6. Head Nod
  7. My Ride
  8. If Not Soon
  9. Time Out With Atarilogic
  10. Reverse
  11. Conversation with Sir Alexander
  12. Godspeed
  13. Instant Coffee (interlude)
  14. Two-Way Man
  15. Dark Girl
  16. Determination: Insanity
  17. M.O.
  18. Skies Afire

Praise for This is Tea

“These cats know the ledge and are proud to walk it in all their denim leather hipster fatlace glory; street smart prose with subtle pop asides and luminous, brawny beats.” Alex Schreiber, Hype

“A compelling vision of Hip Hop that comprises not only the Brooklyn variety, but incorporates equal parts Rock, Soul and Psychedelia with a healthy dash of utter sonic lunacy.” Jack Vandersauce, The Avant Guard

“A tight blend of original hip hop flavor, funk groove and rock terror, Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind defy the laws of music by bending genres and blowing minds.” Ron Cuerpo, Black Book

“Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind are everything a great musical vacation ought to be: a funky fresh jaunt through hip hop with plenty of layovers in jazz, blues and modern electronica. They are the perfect travelogue for flights of groove.” Artavis Allen, Codebook

“Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind’s music is grand without being grandiose; exotic without eccentricity and, overall, a potent mix with all of the intoxicating richness and none of the guilt, bound to go down smooth every time.” Gerald Spinelli, Fine Line

“The difference between Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind and other hip hop crews is as noticeable as the difference between canned vegetables and those straight from the garden. These guys are fresher, crunchier and more actively entertaining to the palate than that generic club DJ.” Vint Valeth, Music Diary

“The first time I saw Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind, Atarilogic was conducting beats in a mechanics outfit, Alaska was across the street rapping into a walkie-talkie and Agent Chant was shooting whiskey from the turntable. What this crew may lack in stage presence they make up for in sheer spectacle.” Ellen Bowes, Midwest Music Journal

“The enigmatic duo come strong from the gate with this, their first full length, steeped in versatile stylistics and a true-school party ethic that makes this a must have. Chock full of anthemic flavors, this ‘Tea’ is hot!”
Andy Keith – Playlist Weekly

“Speaking of the fabled Midwest Funkzone, producer Atari & MC Alaska present a full platter of heavy beats and solid rhymes to represent Indiana to the world…you will be hooked.”
Toph One – XLR8R Magazine

“Warm up to hot beats, sweet lyrics and quenching rhymes with This Is Tea”
Tim Brouk – Journal & Courier

“…vibrant tracks which bustle with groove and are as conscientious as they are club-banging.”
Hip Hop Press

“This hasn’t left the cd player…has all types of fresh stylings & is a banger thru & thru.”
Scuba Gooding, Sr. – Prhymemates

The use of tea as a metaphor is an unlikely one in hip hop, but for these guys, it works well in its abstract simplicity. The most pertinent example here: The longer you steep the brew, the stronger the resulting beverage will be. On their first full length, this duo proves that they have certainly taken their time, yielding a sound that is dense and mellow, with very little filler. While trends in hip hop continue to lean towards the use of multiple producers to fill an album, it has become a rare treat to hear a record that relies on one beatsmith. Instead of what seems like a collection of singles, you get the cohesion of a real album, with each track retaining its own identity but also being distinctly branded with the mark of its maker. Atarilogic knows this all too well, and he skillfully uses his command and vision to his advantage. Taking a true school sound and beefing it up when need be, his tracks flow seamlessly in and out of one another, blending soul with hints of jazz and funk. The beats hit hard, but also know when to lay back and ride a groove, giving the cut a chance to find its flow. It’s a perfect compliment for Alaska’s vocal style, which takes the same approach, making his complex streetwise sparring sessions seem effortless. While this record will no doubt appeal to the real hip hop heads, it’s a sure shot for any fan of intelligent music who’s looking for songs to spin again and again.” – Brian ‘The Reviewer,’ CDBaby

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